All sprue cups are manufactured from various moulding processes which are carefully selected taking into consideration the following tenure

  • quantity
  • material
  • size, and
  • application of the final component.

Both box and boxless moulding methods are frequently used with a wide range of boxes held in stock.

The melting department is equipped with the latest induction melting furnaces coupled with an optical emission spectrometer to control the metal composition to the relevant standard. Metals produced are Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, Alloyed Irons, Ni-hards, Ni-resists, Carbon Steels, and Stainless Steels. We are a wide variety of foundry sprue cup manufacturer in India.

Spring Loaded Sprue Cups

This is Pouring Cup used to provide Feeder holes in the Mould.The Pouring Cup is released from the Mould by Spring Loaded Mechanism. The specifications of the Pouring Cups will be depends on the height of the Moulding Box and the grade of the material to be poured.

  • Material for Sprue Body : Mild Steel Or Cast Iron>
  • Material for Sprue Pin : Case Hardening Alloy Steel
  • Hardness of the Sprue Pin : 40 To 45 HRC

Our Manufacturing aims are:

  • Production flexibility/cost-effective products
  • High levels of casting integrity
  • Close technical liaison and ongoing support
  • Superb surface finish
  • Close dimensional control
  • Complete supply options
foundry sprue cup manufacturer in india
dimension of spring sprue cup

We are normally able to work from existing patterns but also offer a complete pattern making service if required.

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